Small Group (serves 3-4 full serving, 6-8 side serving)
Large Group (serves 5-6 full serving, 10-12 side serving)

Harvest Kale

Marinated kale, brussels sprouts, manchego cheese, sunflower seeds, beets, garbanzos, sherry vinaigrette

$23.99 - $42.99
Chicken Caesar

Romaine, parmesan, homemade croutons, lemon-caesar vinaigrette

$23.99 - $42.99
Southwestern Chicken

Mesclun, avocado, corn, tomatoes, black beans, toasted corn, chipotle puree, balsamic vinaigrette

$23.99 - $42.99
Citrus Avocado Salad
$23.99 - $42.99
Add Protein:

Add some grilled chicken, tofu, or a local egg on the side with your meal.

$1.59 - $2.79
Shaved Brussels Sprouts

Baby spinach, red grapes, local apple, French lentils, homemade almond parmesan, sunflower seeds, roasted beet vinaigrette

$23.99 - $42.99

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